Survivors' Story

What are the odds?

     On July 30th, 2016, the biggest storm on record hit historic Ellicott City, Maryland. Six feet of water swallowed up the main level of The Vintage Vault & Gallery as the front doors collapsed and the back windows blew out, frames and all.

     Five counter display cases filled with vintage sterling and gold jewelry swam out the front entrance, with no remnants in sight. Five additional massive glass display cases were torn apart, shattered into thousands of pieces. Six to 10 inches of silt covered the floors on the main level and the basement storage area was flooded with slimy water and muck.

     It took days, hour by hour on hands and knees with gloves and masks for a small team of dedicated volunteers to sift through the remains. It took many more hours of straining and gentle washing to salvage a small percentage of the pieces of jewelry.

Now we celebrate the survivors!

Vintage jewelry tells a story. It has lived a past that we can only imagine. It was most likely worn for a special occasion, perhaps a gift to solidify a romance, commemorate an achievement, or celebrate the love for a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, grandmother, grandchild or special friend. 

It's your turn to give these old pieces a future!

What are the odds that these pieces survived? Peruse our website and  select a piece or two for yourself or someone special in your life. Wear them as a symbol of hope and faith and strength, as a reminder that... 


Life is full of challenges. But beating the odds...  that's entirely possible.


Photos: Clockwise from top left, 1. Before the storm, glass cases filled with thousands of pieces of vintage jewelry lined the walls. All of the glass cases were overturned and smashed during the storm. Five, heavy antique oak counter cases carry sterling, gold and precious gems swam out the front door and were never seen again. 2. After many days of clearing the wreckage and shoveling and scouring through river silt, we were finally able to see the floor. Temperatures were over 100 degrees and there was very little light (photos shot with a flash). 3,A recovered brooch. 4.The same brooch after cleaning. 5. The toll that disasters take on the human spirit is daunting